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Vitamix 5300 – Best of the Best

Finding the best blender to perform necessary kitchen work is difficult as every blender company claims to be the best. But are they really best? Well, in our opinion most of the companies offer good blenders but they are really expensive and not everyone can afford them. However, in the case of Vitamix, you will get all the basic and necessary functions at a low price. The Vitamix has a lot of blenders to offer but today we will discuss one of the most famous blenders of Vitamix which is Vitamix 5300.

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Vitamix 5300

The Vitamix 5300 blender is from the Vitamix Classic Blender series and has all the needed functions which a home chef needs. You can perform numerous functions with this blender thanks to its latest features and functions. The Vitamix 5300 blender comes up with a low-profile temper and a 64-oz container made with a BPA plastic-free material that makes it toxicity proof and ensures that you won’t get any chemicals in your blended recipes. The container is broad in shape and is big enough to make large batches of recipes that you can store for later use.

Moreover, the blades in the Vitamix 5300 are 4-inches in diameter and are made up of hardened stainless steel which makes them more durable and razor-sharp. The blades are also equipped with laser cut and hammer mill technology which ensure constant and convenient blending. These blades are specially designed to pulverize solid ingredients, seeds, and ice. You can check the strength of this blender on Vitamix’s official YouTube channel where they upload videos of their blenders crushing mobile phones, tablets, and other hard ingredients.

The motor in Vitamix 5300 is 2.2 horsepower which generates enough force for the blades to crush anything you through on them. The motor generates 2180 HP and has a radial cooling fan to cool it down during the blending process. Vitamix installed this cooling fan for the safety of the user because the motor of this power can easily over-heat and can explode during the process.

Also, Vitamix 5300 has 10-variable speed controls which you can adjust during the blending process. Due to this feature, you get complete control over the blending and allows you to get your desired texture of every recipe you make in it. You can adjust these speeds by simply rotating the dial on the motor base. Also, it has the pulse feature which allows a user to manually set the speed of the blending by simply tapping on the button and get the desired texture of recipes manually.

Vitamix 5300 comes up with a 7 years warranty and you can purchase an additional 1-year warranty by simply paying a little amount with your purchase. This 7-year warranty ensures your money safe and you can easily claim it within 7 years of your purchase date.

We would recommend every house chef to purchase this beautiful and best of best blender to ease you in your kitchen work and cooking.

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